What means KASKO?

– KASKO is an insurance policy designed to cover any damages that have been experienced by your car or the other party’s vehicle at the time of accident.


– It is an insurance policy which covers damages suffered by the driver himself and the other passengers or by the other party or by a third party.

In such car accidents, the compensation of such damages is also important. More importantly, in order to be able to claim our rights arising from the insurance policies, there are two issues that has to be considered at the time of accident:

– the driver has to have a driving licence

– the driver should not have consumed alcohol

If the driver does not have a driving licence, or is alcoholic and also is at fault, the car insurance policy will not accept any liability and all the damages will be borne on and transferred to the driver at fault and the owner of the vehicle.

In instance of car accidents, we recommend to our citizens to pay attention to the following issues:

1) Previously, when a car accident happened, there used to be a police intervention in order to take the accident report but now the parties can take the report themselves. As a result the parties have to ensure to take the report carefully, properly and accurately because this report plays a very significant role at the time of court proceedings. It is considered to be the most important evident in normal cases, arbitration cases and during the court trials. On the other hand, the health/medical report is import in order to determine the amount/extent of damage that has been caused due to the accident on the victim’s body during the trial. The age, amount of damage and the income status of the victim are of great importance when damages are calculated.

2) If injury or death occurs as a result of the accident, an individual has to immediately go to the hospital. It is always beneficial to have and keep a copy from the documentation of all the treatments and examinations preformed at the hospital. Furthermore, it is also useful to keep the documents of all the expenses made during the time at the hospital. The reason behind keeping all these documentation is that they would become important in situations where lawsuits are filed against the insurance company.

3) Finally, in the event of death or injury that arises from a car accident, the police will initiate an investigation subject to the order from the Prosecutor, and therefore this investigation file has to be followed up.

When you apply to the insurance company for the compensation of damages after the car accident, the documents that the insurance company will generally ask from you are as stated below:

– the insurance policy

– the accident report

– if an investigation has been initiated, a copy of the investigation file.

– the medical/health report which indicates the amount of damage

– documents that points out the damages and losses