Türkiye with Par in the New Century
We will find and extract all the values of our country. We will regain the values of all our values that have lost their value.

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Experties Areas


Selahattin Par is an expert in the field of law and has knowledge in the creation and interpretation of laws and the administration of justice. He has the skills to understand the legal framework and apply it appropriately.

International Relations

Selahattin Par is experienced in international relations. He has the ability to understand and manage international politics, diplomacy and global cooperation. He is an expert in defending the country’s interests in the international arena.


Expert in understanding the functioning of economic systems, managing fiscal policies and developing development strategies. They are competent in formulating policies to promote growth and increase employment.


Knowledge of natural resource conservation, combating climate change, clean energy policies and environmental sustainability. Expertise in developing policies to promote sustainable development.

Education Policies

Has knowledge and experience in education policies. She is an expert in analyzing education systems, designing education policies, managing education budgets and developing strategies to improve student achievement.

Health Policies

Selahattin Par is a politician with knowledge on health policies. He has expertise in understanding health systems, developing health policies, ensuring access to health services and disease prevention.

Human Rights

Selahattin Par is an expert on human rights. He has knowledge and experience covering issues such as justice systems and legal reforms. He has expertise in developing policies for the protection of human rights.

Sport Policies

Expert in understanding the role of sport in society, promoting sport events and supporting athletes. Competent in designing policies in areas such as health and youth development.

Contact Details

Mecidiyeköy, Torun Center Garden Office, Fulya mahallesi, Büyükdere Cd. NO: 74/A D:No:194-195 Şişli/İstanbul

E-mail: selahattin@par.av.tr