“The normalization process between Turkey and Armenia will continue on the basis of peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia.”

Selahattin Par, President of Turkey International Turkish Businessmen Association (İNTİSAD), expressed these thoughts in his statement to political scientist Bizim.Media.

“Peace agreement can be signed in Ankara”

He noted that if Yerevan wants to normalize its relations with Ankara, it should sign a formal peace agreement with Baku as soon as possible:

“Turkey looks positively at the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia. We support the rapid completion of the process. In the peaceful environment between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the normalization process between Turkey and Armenia will continue. Normalization of relations between neighbors means peace and stability for the region.

The peace agreement between Azerbaijan-Turkey-Armenia will lead to the stability of the region and the advancement of commercial relations. Peace between the two countries will accelerate the normalization process of Türkiye and Armenia. “I think the peace agreement can be signed in Ankara,” the political scientist added.

“France’s intervention in the region is unacceptable”

Noting that there are countries in the region that pose an obstacle to peace, the political scientist called for PR for France to arm Armenia and said that Azerbaijan and Turkey are fighting together against France.

“France has established an imperialist power throughout history. France has made it a habit to benefit from the riches of both Africa and other underdeveloped countries, create turmoil in these countries and bring them into conflict with their neighbors.

France, which continues this process, also has interests in Armenia and the South Caucasus. We must be vigilant about this. They plan to gain activity in the South Caucasus to cover up their failures in Africa. This is also PR in nature. Both Turkey and Azerbaijan need to prevent this.

We should discuss the issue of France sitting at the table with Armenia and explain to Armenia that the intervention of a country like France in the region is unacceptable. “The strong Armenian lobby in France also affects the processes.”

“Zangezur Corridor should be opened”

Although countries such as France block the Zangezur corridor, the corridor needs to be implemented as soon as possible. Selahattin Par believes that the implementation of the Zangezur corridor for regional development will also serve the unity of the Turkish world:

“As the great leader Haydar Aliyev said, Turkey and Azerbaijan are “two states, one nation.”

In the past, an artificial barrier was built between this nation through Zangezur. With this, they broke the bond between the Turkish states. But now, with the efforts of both Turkey and Azerbaijan, efforts are being made to open the Zangezur corridor. Zangezur Corridor is a mega project that will connect China to Europe.

The Zangezur corridor must be opened at all costs. “If Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia accelerate the peaceful opening of the corridor, Armenia will also benefit from this,” he said.