Our lawyer Selahattin PAR’s legal struggle for his MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE case was published in KANAL D NEWS on 12 JUNE 2018.

Alladin, a baby who was just 1and ½ year old became the victim of the doctors’ negligent acts when they were circumcising him in the hospital.

The baby was taken to a private hospital because he was experiencing problems while urinating but unfortunately the hospital did not demonstrate the necessary diligence. They did not take precautions when anaesthetising the baby to perform the circumcision operation and therefore grievously the baby lost his life after the surgery.

Our Lawyer Selahattin PAR filed a compensation case against the hospital and when the court decision was in favour of the hospital; our lawyer appealed the court decision with the support of the forensic report to a higher court (Supreme Court of Appeal). As a result, the family of Alladin has filed the case before the Supreme Court of Appeal claim 300,000 TL damages from the hospital as a compensation for the non-pecuniary damages suffered by the family.

As our Lawyer Selahattin PAR has declared, generally the reasons for such unfortunate incidents are as follows:

  • Doctors do not develop themselves and enhance their knowledge sufficiently  
  • Our doctors have not performed the necessary allergy tests required before carrying out the circumcision operation
  • They did not have the necessary equipment which is needed in order to perform the allergy tests and corresponding treatments.