The 8th breakfast of the Mediator Club was held with the participation of guests from sister Turkey.

President of İNTİSAD Association, President of PAR Law and Mediation Center, businessman Selahattin Par, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Topkapı University Nabi Kırmızı, Chairman of the Board of İpar Construction Group Ahmet İpar, Chairman of Urfalı Industrial Businessmen Association (Ursiad) Mehmet Yaşar Bahçıvan, Chairman of the Board of Motor Engine Ömer Faruk Bahçıvan , Mediation Board Chairman Nadir Adilov, Mediation Board employees, Mediation Board Ethics Committee Chairman Agil Askerov, mediators Gulu Süleymanov, Ayaz Süleymanov, Fagan Salimov attended.

During the friendly breakfast, discussions were held about the Azerbaijani delegation’s visit to the Republic of Turkey, as well as the Turkic World Mediators Union, which is planned to be established.