Selahattin PAR: “We Care About Global Trade

INTISAD Chairman, Lawyer Selahattin PAR, is going to Germany with a delegation to negotiate the formation of their association’s overseas branch.

Having made a series of contacts and meetings in Germany, Atty. Selahattin PAR made a statement before his trip and emphasized that their vision is international trade.

Pointing out that they care about global trade and global vision, INTİSAD Founding Chairman Atty. Selahattin PAR explained its goals as follows:

“Since we were first established, we have created our infrastructure with an international perspective. As INTİSAD, our goal is to be integrated with the outside world. We continue our necessary work with an ever-increasing tone. In this respect, we care about global trade and global vision!..”

Within the scope of his trip to Germany, INTISAD delegation includes members of associations such as Yusuf YAVUZ and Şehnaz KAYA . The INTISAD delegation will hold extensive meetings and contacts with its members, Inci KARA and Necip EKIZ, in Germany.